Monday, March 12, 2007

The TIF Commission

Here's another answer to a question submitted by a reader.

Adam asked,
How can we fortify the TIF Commission? Does it ever say no to a proposal?

Good question. First of all, the City Council does have varying levels of control over a lot of these projects, and it gets final approval on TIF projects. Second, the mayor appoints the members of the TIF Commission, and we need to appoint the right people. In addition to the usual economic development folks, I will to appoint folks who are concerned with social justice, along with folks in the arts community. It's important to have a commission full of people with a conscience, and the mayor should talk to them on a regular basis and watch their performance.


I mani said...

Al Brooks seems to think the projections for future profits for TIF recipients are right on target. Is that accurate?

If not, what is being done to recover taxes from corps. that have not realized profits and subsequent tax payments?

Are TIFs related to empowerment/enterprise zones?

I-man-i M said...

Does Gateway owe taxes for profits not realized? If so, how can KCMO legally recover it?