Saturday, March 10, 2007

Global Warming

As promised, here's an answer to one question submitted by a reader.

Supergirlest asked:

What are your plans for the city, in terms of global climate change?

Believe it or not, this is a question I hear quite often. I always start out by saying this is a global problem, and we're just one city. But this is an important issue, and there are definitely things we can - and should - do.

Right now, there is a global climate change committee working on a report with recommendations of what the city can do. They created a report, but I understand the Chamber of Commerce requested some revisions. Now, of course, I can't bless a report I haven't seen, but I would certainly be favorably disposed toward their recommendations.

Of course, two of the most important things we can do to combat global warming are to stop encouraging sprawl and to work toward an excellent public transit system.


I mani said...

I understand there is a Livable Cities or Walkable City initiative. What are the components of that? Does it involve making functions of City Hall itself more green?

I have noticed the government cars that run on alternative fuels. Saw that at the Biodiesel Road Show @ the Discovery Center!

supergirlest said...

checking back in after thinking that you'd missed my question in the primary after glow. :) THANK YOU!

i know that barnes signed onto the mayor's challenge set forth by the mayor of seattle, but i'd seen little or nothing actually being spoken about... and to be quite honest, i'm more than a tad frightened that the city will resort to slapping band-aids on cuts that need stitches and have other motivations in mind. i know, i know - cynical to the core! in any event, i'll be interested to see the report - and it is nice to know GCC is being thought about.

needless to say, you now officially have my vote. make me proud.

supergirlest said...

first and foremost, CONGRATS ARE IN ORDER!!!! when i looked last, it was too close to tell for certain...

second, thought you might be interested in the upcoming step it up 2007 rally at southmoreland park on the 14th of april. it is part of a national day of raising awareness about global climate change - there are close to a thousand happening around the u.s. that day! 1-3 pm. hope to see you there!!!