Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Straight Talk with Funk III, IV & V

Mark's vision for Kansas City.

Mark's background.

Mark's experience as auditor.


ShowMeKC said...

Mr Funkhouser,
I am someone who has been very interesting in development in our urban core for several years, and I want to devote my life to helping not only Downtown, but also the urban core. However I have a few questions regarding your beliefs about different issues before I support you (I try research every politician before supporting them)

Here are a few issues that I would appreciate a response on:

Would you support capping the south part of the Downtown Loop, and in the future, maybe turning the north part of the loop into a high speed boulevard? (ideas from the Urban Society of Kansas City)

Would you support the 1,000 room convention center hotel, and a 200 room W Hotel that could be constructed with the 240 unit residential tower in the Power and Light District?

What would you do to revitalize Penn Valley Park to make it a active, and vibrant urban park?

Do you support the redevelopment of the riverfront area near the present riverfront park?

Would you be willing to support TIFs if those projects need the TIFs in order to be accomplished?

What would you do to help eliminate a large majority of the surface parking lots in Downtown?

Would you work with AEG to attract an NHL or NBA team to Downtown?

What would you do as mayor, with the city manager and council in order to attract more big (and small) businesses back to Downtown?

Are you willing to take risks on development in Downtown and the Urban Core?

Would you attempt to change the situation with surrounding suburbs and work to eliminate most of the back, and forth competition and fighting that goes on between our city and the suburbs?

Would you be willing to work with the leaders in Johnson County so we can work together instead of fighting each other over growth?

Would you work with the Downtown Council and Urban Society to accomplish the progressive/positive and ambitious goals they have for Downtown and the urban core?

Lastly, what do you think about gradually eliminating most of the unnecessary zoning restrictions in existance that prevent mixed usage of buildings and "smarter" urban planning?

I thank you for taking your time to read this, and I will really appreciate your reply to my questions. Thank you once again, and I hope all our citizens and leaders will work to revitalize our great city.

Mark Funkhouser said...

Hi showmekc,

I posted a comment on your blog. These questions are to important to answer in this comments section. And, frankly, I'm a little too busy to sit down and type out all the answers. I'd like to sit down with you for a formal interview or chat. Then perhaps you can post the answers on your blog.

Please call me at 283-3535, or send an e-mail. You'll find a link in my profile.